Queer Genius:  David Bowie and Beyond

Featuring special guest stars Angel City Chorale

May 19, 2018

Ziggy Stardust.  The Thin White Duke.  Major Tom.  Aladdin Sane.  Jareth the Goblin King.  David Bowie reinvented himself throughout his innovative career, defying definitions of just about everything.  An activist for gender heterodoxy and bisexuality,  Bowie was a rock icon for the world and an early role model for the queer community.  In a show that celebrates non-conformity and the right of every individual to be themselves in all their glory, we honor the fierce queer genius of rock stars who dared to push the envelope.   Right now is the political moment to assert the virtues of inclusivity, tolerance, and the beautiful breadth of human existence, and what better way to sing those praises than through the music of David Bowie and other artists who paved the way.

NYCGMC welcomes Angel City Chorale, a multicultural ensemble of men and women that truly reflects the spirit of Los Angeles, and builds community one song at a time.  Together, NYCGMC and ACC bring over 300 singers to the stage, raising their voices in harmony and solidarity and celebrating diversity.