We’re so glad you are interested in joining the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus.

We hold auditions twice a year, in August/September and January. Check back in November for the early January audition schedule. We make every effort to see everyone who applies, time permitting, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are more than just a chorus. We are a community dedicated to creating an inclusive space where all feel welcomed and affirmed, regardless of race, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or any other identity. We promote diversity and are devoted to reflecting the multicultural palette of NYC in our membership and repertoire. We believe in the power of music to bring all people together.

With the assistance of JetBlue's generous sponsorship, NYCGMC is proud to provide financial assistance for dues to members in need. All applications for assistance are kept strictly confidential.

Things to know about being an NYCGMC member

Why join?

Some people join NYCGMC simply because they love to sing and perform. Others join because they strongly believe in our ongoing mission for acceptance, equality, and individuality. For all of those who do join, NYCGMC is a family—a great place to meet people and make new friends while doing something enjoyable and worthwhile. All members are on an individual journey of growth and, wherever you are on your journey, the NYCGMC family is always there for support. 

Along with our annual season of concerts and array of other special performances and appearances, there are also many special events, parties, and other social opportunities to share with fellow members. We also have our cherished Nightingale Brigade, who are there to help when members are ill, bereaved, or find themselves in a difficult or crisis situation. 

What musical knowledge or experience do you need?

First and foremost, we’re interested in your raw singing talent—even if you’ve had no formal training or any other musical experience. The ability to read music in some form is, however, highly desirable. We move relatively quickly through rehearsals and you may struggle to keep up if you can’t read music. Experience or study in singing—particularly choral music—is also highly desirable. We pride ourselves on the quality of our sound, which is produced by people with a wide variety of backgrounds. There are plenty of talented people out there who have not had the opportunity to showcase or develop their natural talents. If that’s you, NYCGMC certainly invites you to audition!

Time commitment

We do work hard and joining NYCGMC does involve making a commitment. Below is our general rehearsal schedule during the months leading up to a performance. Members are allowed to miss a specified number of rehearsals per concert and can make up absences by attending extra rehearsals.

  • Weekly rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7pm to 10pm in Greenwich Village. Occasionally, we rehearse on other evenings when Monday rehearsals are not possible.

  • All-day Saturday rehearsals occur roughly once a month.

  • Catch-up rehearsals take place on a weeknight every few weeks.

  • In March each year, all members attend an out-of-town weekend retreat from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

How we welcome and support you

We intake new members twice per year, usually in January and September. Before starting rehearsals, we hold an orientation session for new members. We then host a new members’ party shortly after rehearsals begin. Each new NYCGMC member will be assigned a “buddy” for your first concert period. Your buddy will be a current member of your section and will sit with you during rehearsals. Each section has an elected representative. Your section rep will be your primary contact for official NYCGMC business and will address any issues you may have. We use an intranet for communicating with members, distributing music and recordings, as well as making available other useful resources. 

Financial commitment

All NYCGMC members must pay $300 in dues per year. In addition, members must provide their own standard tuxedo and other performance costumes, as well as pay for their own travel and expenses for special performances, festivals, out-of-town retreats, and tours. Each member is expected to promote ticket sales for performances and participate in fundraising activities.

Financial assistance

NYCGMC realizes that its members come from different financial circumstances and may experience temporary hardships. NYCGMC can provide some financial assistance to members in need, where possible, and all such applications are treated confidentially. Members receiving financial assistance are asked to donate time and/or services for NYCGMC projects and/or events.

Non-singing members

In addition to singing membership, NYCGMC also offers associate membership for those who work with NYCGMC behind the scenes. Associate members help develop concert sets, keep track of music, do admin work, staff phones, work as stagehands, and perform the many tasks that make the organization run smoothly. 

What you need to know about your audition