NYCGMC’s Holiday Slay! 

Bears, Twinks, and Sugar Plum Fairies

Featuring special guest stars The Bang Group.


December 14, 15, and 16, 2017

NYCGMC is back, ready to slay every holiday tradition and give your season the gay spark it so desperately needs!  Join us as we pile our sleigh with bears, twinks, and sugar plum fairies to celebrate the end of 2017 in style.  Special guests The Bang Group will perform excerpts of their remarkable twist on Tchaikovsky’s classic, Nut/Cracked, and 275 amazing voices will deck the halls with their astonishing sound.  NYCGMC’s holiday extravaganza brims with comfort, zany cheer, and goodwill for humanity.  Our most cherished holiday classics, mixed with unexpected gems, and the delightful company of New York’s most renowned chorus, will make your season merry and bright.

NYCGMC welcomes as our special guests The Bang Group.  Founded in 1995 by Jeffrey Kazin and David Parker, the NYC-based dance company is dedicated to Parker’s love of rhythmic form and is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship, creative liberty and aesthetic diversity.