We Stand With Orlando

Our hearts ache for the victims of the tragic act of violence in Orlando on June 12. We grieve with their loved ones, and we stand with a devastated community.

We believe music has the power to heal. On June 13, we appeared on Good Morning America to offer a song of comfort and support to those in grief.

We sang to honor the heroes. The courageous individuals who ran toward danger to lead people out of harm's way. The families able to find love and forgiveness though their hearts are broken.

Later the same day, our new a cappella group Tonewall sang at the first ever FDNY Pride Celebration honoring the LGBTQ firefighters and emergency workers who keep us safe.

On June 17, we performed a concert that celebrates love and coupledom. We can think of no braver act than to stand with another person and say, "Everything I am, you are now part of."

We will continue to sing. We have not been silenced. Hate is not courageous.